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The Project


The Endangered Species Print Project was conceived in 2009 by two artists; Jenny Kendler and Molly Schafer.

We started the Endangered Species Print Project as a way to use our artistic talents to directly support conservation efforts and biodiversity on Planet Earth. So far 17 other artists have joined us to create artwork for the project. To date we have raised over $14,000. for endangered species conservation.

The ESPP prints have been exhibited in multiple exhibitions around the country. In 2013 we reached our first fundraising goal of $10,000. In 2014 ESPP's first museum exhibition "Rare Nature" was displayed at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.

We are committed to preserving our values in our process.  All materials used are high-quality archival materials, in the highest post-consumer recycled percentage available. Prints are printed in Chicago on bamboo paper. Each ESPP print comes with information about the species. When noted prints also come with a signature card. 

Prints available for purchase can be found in the shop There each ESPP artist has also shared their inspiration for their print. Some artists have a personal connection to a species or habitat, others are awed by an animals' amazing and unique abilities. You can also learn what conservation project is linked to each print and learn more about the conservation organizations we support.

Below you can view a gallery of every ESPP print ever created.  We are working to update the gallery with artist and species information for each print. Check back in the coming month for those details.