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Shop the Prints

Here you can browse and purchase limited-edition art prints created by Endangered Species Print Project artists. We donate a portion of every print to wildlife conservation.

Whooping Crane Print

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Whooping Crane Print

The whooping crane has a 7 - 8 foot wingspan and stands up to 5 feet tall making it the tallest flying bird in North America.

This is an 8" x 10" archival inkjet print on bamboo paper. 


  • Wild Pop./Print Edition: 398
  • Population In Captivity: 148
  • Threatened by: Loss of wintering habitat in the US due to development (farms, homes etc), Collisions with power lines during migration
  • Scientific NameGrus americana
  • Habitat: once much larger, but now limited to nesting in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada with wintering mostly along the Gulf Coast


This print was inspired by the two traits of the Indri that I found most compelling and magical, the Indri's "sun-worshiping" behavior, and their hauntingly alluring calls. The face of the larger Indri seems almost cartoonish and exaggerated, but it is directly inspired by a photograph. What an amazing expression!

Jenny Kendler is an interdisciplinary artist, environmental activist, naturalist & wild forager who lives in Chicago. She is currently the first Artist-in-Residence with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), her work explores human beings' complex relationships with the natural world.


Operation Migration has played a lead role in the reintroduction of endangered Whooping cranes into eastern North America. Operation Migration pilots used ultralight aircraft and play the role of surrogate parents to guide captive-hatched and imprinted Whooping cranes along a planned migration route.


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