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Here you can browse and purchase limited-edition art prints created by Endangered Species Print Project artists. We donate a portion of every print to wildlife conservation.

Philippine Crocodile Print


Philippine Crocodile Print


This is an 8" x 10" archival inkjet print on bamboo paper. An info card signed by the artist is included with each print.

  • ArtistAaron Johnson
  • Estimated Wild Population/Print Edition: 100
  • Estimated Population In Captivity: 750+
  • Threatened by: Habitat destruction, Dynamite fishing, Commercial exploitation for skins, Killings by fearful locals
  • Scientific NameCrocodylus mindorensis
  • Habitat: Freshwater in the Philippine Islands
  • Your purchase of this print will support: The Mabuwaya Foundation
  • Learn more about the Philippine Crocodile
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Notes from the artist, Aaron Johnson
I use animals in my work a lot. For me they can be metaphors for power, grace, rage, and the sublime. I find inspiration for my animals in various sources, such as the hunting paintings by Rubens, National Geographic magazines, tattoo art, and Indian firecracker graphics (which I discovered traveling in India in 2005, a trip that completely exploded my color palette). I like the idea of telling a humanity versus nature story in which the human element is represented by miniature severed heads, clearly overwhelmed by the behemoth brute force of the animals raging around the composition.

Note from ESPP While we love Aaron's awesome image, we would like to stress that the Philippine Crocodile is not known to attack humans.

*please note all population counts reflect the population counted at the time of printing