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Here you can browse and purchase limited-edition art prints created by Endangered Species Print Project artists. We donate a portion of every print to wildlife conservation.

Moldavian Meadow Viper


Moldavian Meadow Viper


This is an 8" x 10" archival inkjet print on bamboo paper. An info card signed by the artist is included with each print.

  • ArtistMolly Schafer
  • Wild Population/Print Edition: 2000
  • Population In Captivity: 0
  • Threatened by: Habitat fragmentation due to expanding agriculture & inhibited genetic mixing due to this fragmentation
  • Scientific NameVipera ursinii ssp. moldavica
  • Habitat: The plains of the Danube-delta, and on steppe habitats in the surrounding hills of Iasi, Romania.
  • Your purchase of this print will support: Hungarian Meadow Viper Life Project
  • Learn more about the Meadow viper
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Notes from the artist, Molly Schafer:  While working on my painting of the Moldavian Meadow viper I was surprised to hear so many remark on their utter dislike and disdain for snakes. (I suggest a real life encounter with a snake may sway your opinion.) While researching critically endangered snakes, I was surprised by the lack of available information. I’ll venture a guess that human’s general dislike of snakes may be to blame.

While many may find snakes unpleasant, they remain a very important part of Earth’s ecosystem and deserve our conservation efforts as much as the furred and feathered creatures we share a planet with. 

*please note all population counts reflect the population counted at the time of printing