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Here you can browse and purchase limited-edition art prints created by Endangered Species Print Project artists. We donate a portion of every print to wildlife conservation.

Amur Leopard Print


Amur Leopard Print


This is an 8" x 10" archival inkjet print on bamboo paper. An info card signed by the artist is included with each print.

  • ArtistJenny Kendler
  • Wild Population/Print Edition: 45
  • Population in Captivity: 300
  • Threatened by: poaching, deforestation, inbreeding, & 'development projects' such as railways, pipelines and ports
  • Aliases: Far Eastern Leopard, Manchurian Leopard, Korean Leopard
  • Scientific NamePanthera pardus orientalis
  • Habitat: the Temperate Forests of the Russian Far East
  • Your purchase of this print will support: ALTA - The Amur Leopard & Tiger Alliance. 
  • Learn more about the Amur Leopard
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Notes from the Artist, Jenny Kendler: This image was inspired by the rainbow-hued animals on the folders, notebooks and Trapper-Keepers of my childhood in the 80's. Those eye-catching images, that were often of endangered animals, really inspired me then --- and I hope that ESPP will inspire you, dear reader, to take action to help conserve this incredible big cat!

*please note all population counts reflect the population counted at the time of printing